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Random Royaling – Cams and Leti Go Crazy

Let us take a quick detour from the diet of Nobel excitement and diplomatic dressing. Two of our more consistent dressers have let some sartorial sassiness slip in and we must take a peek.

The Duchess of Cornwall and the Prince of Wales attended the Commissioning Ceremony of the aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales. Camilla is wearing a lovely pale blue Oldfield coat, carrying a sedate Launer handbag and wearing a Philip Treacy hat that strongly reminded me of a mushroom, and a large one at that. What do you think?

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The cake figures were cute, though.

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Queen Letizia paid a visit to the Foundation Against Drug Addiction (FAD) wearing an 80s inspired sweater by Uterque. It’s been a bit of an eighties retro week around here but I am not ready for it to come around again for real.

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At least they aren’t dull, right?