Random Royaling – Catch Up with Maria Teresa

We haven’t visited Luxembourg for a while, so let’s drop in on Maria Teresa’s doings.

The Grand Duchess is the President of the Luxembourg Red Cross. Recently she visited with the director general Michael Simonis. wearing a Valentino jacket. I wish I had this photo yesterday to add to our portrait and shawl collar fest. She is also sporting a rad short hair style these days that allows us to see everything. Thanks, MT!

This is a very cool initiative. MT paid a visit the BENU couture team, a design house featuring upcycled fashion and employing refugees and native citizens. This is a top Maria Teresa look here. I love the expanse of bold color. To see the entire ensemble, check out New My Royals and let us know what you think.

Another one I missed! For International Women’s Day, MT sent out message of support for Bright Sky, an organization that supports victims of domestic abuse. MT has supported women’s organizations for a long time, and for that she deserves credit. On a shallow note, check out the sleeve details at the wrist, which zhuzz up an already zhuzzed up print.

Let us know what you think of the latest stylings of the Grand Duchess.