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Random Royaling – Classic Queen Mathilde and Contemporary Queen Letizia

Queen Mathilde wore a repeated red silk chiffon Dior dress (from November 2018, see Modekoningin Mathilde) to the Belgian diplomatic reception. The Queen and King host dignitaries and representatives from the European Union at the annual event. I think the red is a great color for the Queen, but I really want to add some interfacing to the neckline. Regardless of what I think about the details, it’s a classic Queen look for Mathilde.

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Queen Letizia, on the other hand, went contemporary for a visit to FEDER (Spanish Federation for Rare Diseases) headquarters . She sported a Uterque Houndstooth Blazer and leather pants. The proportions are working here, since the longer, boxier blazer balances out the slim line of the lower half.

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What do you think of the classic and contemporary Queens?