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Random Royaling – Coats in Sweden and Britain

It’s February 7th, the very definition of the dead of winter. What better subject to take on but coats? And you know who is the Queen of that garment.

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It’s a coat, and it’s even blue guys! I joke, of course. Kate wore this lovely Hobbes Bianca maxi coat on an away day in Wales with the signficant other. Honestly I wished she had debuted it before her birthday so we could have spammed it along with all the other blue coats ; ). The dress is Zara and the scarf is Beulah London. Regal Fille has much more information on the accessories and the event.

Meanwhile, in King’s Lynn….

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…Her Majesty The Queen visited RAF Marham. We don’t cover Betty here all that often, but this coat is simply too marvelous not to marvel over. Well played, ma’am.

Over in Sweden….

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…the Crown Princess attended the 2020 Folk and Culture event. Victoria repped her country by wearing a Swedish brand, Toteme. I get the general idea behind the jacket – unstructured swing – but I think it’s a bit overwhelming, particularly at an event where you have to lean in, literally, to see everything.

See The Royals and I for the skinny on the accessories and more information on the event.