Random Royaling – Mayflowers and Queen Silvia

It’s amazing to me that I am still discovering royal traditions. The springtime mayflowers sale was new to me.

Mayflowers have been sold throughout Sweden since the spring of 1907. The proceeds from the flower sales to the public provide support to children living in financial vulnerability. Per tradition, Queen Silvia begins the yearly sale. Normally, children come to the castle and Queen Silvia buys the first mayflower from them.

This year the event continues in a properly socially distanced and digital manner. Thirteen-year-old Elin Eisele is the designer behind the 2021 digital flower. Elin also got the opportunity to sell this year’s first mayflower to the Queen through her digital flower shop.

We also get a nice view of the “Shawls of Silvia”, although these garments could better be described as stylized ponchos. Regardless, this is a lovely springtime tradition and I am glad they found a way to continue it.