Random Royaling – Crown Princess Mary at the Human Rights Conference

Bless her heart on so many levels. On the societal front, the Crown Princess is doing her usual yeoman’s work, speaking out on serious topics. She gave the opening speech at the Human Rights Conference at the UN City in Copenhagen. Copenhagen 2021 is the common name for the LGBTI + events WorldPride and EuroGames, which take place in Copenhagen later in August.

It is entirely superficial, but it’s what we are here for, so we’ll mention that she is wearing what is described as a jumpsuit. It’s an illusionary garment that looks very skirt-like when standing still. The outfit is an Old Yde design.

Embed from Getty Images

For her second day of attendance, she channeled Princess Isabella and wore a Britt Sisseck blouse paired with Philip Lim trousers. I’m sure they will be controversial, but I will say that I like the color very much.

Embed from Getty Images

Let us know your thoughts! A knee-length jumpsuit? Sailor flappies in peach? Can Crown Princess Mary pull these off?