Random Royaling – Danish Male Bonding

There’s no pressing reason for this post other than we need a little Prince Frederik appreciation around here. Fred’s recent resignation as a member of the IOC (Internation Olympic Committee) has sparked rumors of Queen Margrethe’s abdication. This is not remotely a serious possibility, since there is no tradition of abdication in Denmark. The Queen herself has stated, unequivocally, that she will be Queen until her death. It seems, though, that Frederick and Christian are beginning to play a more public role. Let’s drop in and see what the guys – fathers, sons, nephews, friends – have been up to.

Christian is already towering over his father, and he may not be done growing. I like the father son blazer coordination here.

Fred and friends playing a little football. Not much to say sartorially here, but let’s just absorb some of the male energy on display.

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I think Christian might be admiring the many, many medals dad has on display. Either that or they are concerned that grandmama’s hat might take flight.

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So much handsomeness here. Danish genes are incredible, although I think we can thank Crown Princess Mary and the Countess of Frederiksborg for some of this.

Let’s end with some throwback brother bonding. So cute.

Let’s see some Danish male appreciation in the comments!