Queens In Training – Duchess of Brabant Birthday (Updated)

“The country can count on me.”

Princess Elisabeth, The Duchess of Brabant

Princess Elisabeth, the Duchess of Brabant, is celebrating her 18th birthday this Friday. Knowing this audience, I am sure everyone is looking for a tiara. None yet, but the Belgian royals shared some photos and they are stunning. This is a woman with an exciting sartorial future.

I want to casually study my destiny in this library! Yes, those are photos of her father and his siblings in that book. The always brilliant Modekoningin Mathilde has identified the sweater as Zara.

The heir and her father. Queen Paola’s features are strongly carried on, aren’t they? Also, this article has spotted some mother daughter earring sharing.

The following is my favorite, and a sign of some great sartorial things to come. The Duchess wears Esmeralda Ammoun, one of my favorite new designers. Minimal, but no boredom here.

The celebrations at the palace today were just, well sob-worthy is the only phrase I can think of. Tils and Phil were at turns somber, excited, and proud. Elisabeth was just gorgeous and so very adult.

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The girls are coming, world! Elisabeth faces her destiny.

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Gifts of orders – you know you are grown-up royal when that happens.

The official photos have been released. Here is the Duchess with her grandparents and the line of succession.

We need a whole Queens In Training Section, and this would join Ingrid Alexandra’s Confirmation and the recent Princess of Asturias Awards in it. The Queens are coming, world. Be ready!