Random Royaling – Duchess of Cambridge at Work

Kate, with William as support, stepped out for display of the Hold Still project posters. The winners are exhibited in 80 towns across Great Britain. I thought the below-midi length of the coat was an interesting choice, one which she pulls off because of her height. William, who has been doing a lot of support of the womenfolk in the family lately, brought along his blue suit and mask. They also paid a visit to NHS workers.

Athough not identified, it has the lapels, buttons and tailoring of a McQueen. What do you think?

Embed from Getty Images

The duo also stepped out to participate in filming the Pride of Britain. I feel like Kate lept from the Edwardian period to the here-and-now with this Smythe blazer, which I like very much. Combined with Letizia’s recent stunning Hugo Boss, the women are knocking this royal lady pantsuit theme out of the park. I salute you!

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