Random Royaling – Duchess of Cambridge

The Duchess of Cambridge earned a last minute Random Royaling by repeating one of my favorite Catherine Walker coat dresses, and also by sporting her intriguing shamrock brooch, with ties to Princess Anne and the Queen Mother. I just love this loose but structured collar with a brooch. I know we joke that she wears so many variations of this theme that we can’t tell them apart, but this one does stand out to me as a cohesive look.

She attended the Household Division’s ‘Beating Retreat’ at Horse Guards Parade. This event began as a military drum call in the 16th Century, and has now evolved into a musical ceremonial event. Kate, and the audience, were treated to a display of military music, horsemanship, precision drill, pageantry and fireworks.

Embed from Getty Images

It’s interesting how the Duchess’ style has evolved, isn’t it? I can’t imagine the Kate of 2012 looking quite so comfortable in such a structured ensemble.