Random Royaling – Empress Masako

I want to take a moment the day before this most quintessential of U. S. holidays to appreciate some non-Western clothing, and a smart diplomatic choice by Empress Masako. The Empress and Emperor Naruhito met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Emine Erdogen. The Empress wore an elegant green kimono with a delicately embroidered pink obi, a formal choice which nods to Mrs. Erdogen’s own traditional clothing. Emine Erdogen is in the conservative tesettür style worn by many Turkish women in public: a headscarf and a long, light cover-all topcoat, which cover the arms and legs completely.

Embed from Getty Images

I hope you can scroll in and appreciate the design and workmanship of this fantastic obi.

What do you think of the Empress’ kimono? Has she already ascended to the upper levels of diplomatic dressing?