Random Royaling – Enthronement Bits and Bobs

This is a gift that never stops giving, right? There’s been much chatter on Twitter about the jewels worn last week, and I know some of the same questions have arisen here. Also, a few of our favorites posted some previously unseen photos. So away we go!

Crown Princess Kiko and Queen Jetsun Pema

We have discussed what to call what Jetsun Pema wore to the banquet – a headband? A small tiara? A hair ornament? Regardless of what it is called, it is apparently part of the set including the earrings and necklace, according to an eagle-eyed Twitter observer named Lucas. Also, Kiko wore what the Order of Splendor termed The Japanese Crown Princess Scroll tiara, a nod to her change in status in the family.

I never have to have an excuse to post photos of such beautiful people. Jetsun Pema shared some images from the enthronement, and the glow goes on. There is a Gyalsey sighting – sort of a cherry on our ice cream sundae of happiness here.

The Sparkle Sisters, Mako and Kako

We didn’t focus on them during the actual ceremony, so I was chuffed to see the following tweets showing their tiaras from the first banquet. Princess Kako wore her Mikimito tiara and Princess Mako wore her own version of a scroll tiara.

Here are Princesses Mako and Kako at the second night of banquets. Look at their coordination, which is a change up from the sea of pastels we typically see on Japanese princesses.

Other Royals Wearing Cool Stuff

We debated who accompanied the King of Eswatini. It is reported to be Queen LaMashwama and here is a gorgeous shot of the modern necklace she sported. Also, a lovely tiara and huge brooch and necklace on the Raja of Malaysia.

For you foodies, more food, again at the second banquet.

I feel like the enthronement might be an event that we discuss for years!