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Random Royaling – Fabulous Fedoras


 ….a hat with a soft brim and indented crown. It is typically creased lengthwise down the crown and “pinched” near the front on both sides.

— Wikipedia

We’ve been wondering when to run our Fabulous Fedora post, and lo and behold Queen Maxima has presented us with the perfect opportunity.

Yesterday, Queen Maxima had a busy day that started in Enschede discussing inclusive finance and finished with an event in Zutphen. She wore this Natan ensemble (red dress with a clip-on scarf, burgundy belt, and burgundy clutch) just this past January, but the Maison Michel hat is new. It’s also a fedora, which leads us to the subject of our post: fabulous fedoras.

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We’ve had some other stellar fedora appearances, including Crown Princess Victoria’s fabulous white fedora and a couple of dashing entries from Sophie, who does love a good fedora.

Mathilde has worn this soft grey fedora several times, and we can see why. It’s flattering and versatile, and the gentle contours and color suit this restrained queen.

Are there any fedora outings you remember fondly? Drop them in the comments!