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Random Royaling – Family Resemblances

Thanks to several of our community members – and our hofdame extraordinaires LiL and LuckeyGirl – for suggesting this topic to enliven the dragging end of winter. It appears the rest of the royal internet has noticed the strong resemblance between Infanta Sofia and the younger Princess Irene of Greece, so you all who have been talking about it for years should pat yourselves on the back for going viral!

There are many examples of family genetics shining through generations, and we thought it might brighten a Monday to talk about them. Thank you to geogirl for providing the photos below to start us off. Is it Sarah or her doppelganger Beatrice? You tell us! And the Harry collage shows his genetic heritage from many sides.

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Here’s one we don’t talk about much but it’s there. The two Danish princes.

While we are on the topic of the Danes, here are Mary and her mini-mes ; ).

We are sure you have more! Bring them on.