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Random Royaling – Holiday Cards

The holiday greetings are slowly being released. As we all virtually gather together, let’s check out the fashions and the messengers.


The Belgians attend a yearly concert in the palace Throne Room, and as usual they took advantage of the massive tree to gather for the holiday photos.

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*Just* in case you missed this elsewhere, the Cambridges gathered and Louis led the charge. We know who the star in that family is, just saying. Charlotte, may I borrow your boots?

If this is early autumn in Scotland, then count me in. Here we get a glimpse of Chuck and Cams in the garden at Birkhall.

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Queen Rania bid farewell to a challenging 2020 as her good-looking family gathered around. Let’s all pay homage to some pro-level family coordination.


Felix, Claire and the children posed at the family winery, and I want an explanation for those shorts, dad! (The explanation is they are lederhosen, or leather britches as we say around here – thank you Handbag community).


Just the young ‘uns this year. Of course, the Infanta’s signature is the one I anticipate the most, and she never lets me down.

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If you have something I missed, show them now!