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Random Royaling – International Women’s Day

Four women run this blog, so we are all about supporting the women of the world around here. So are some of the royals (although I did want to see more of a showing from the Queens-in-Training contingent, but maybe next year).

First up, be still my heart. Crown Princess Mary is ever elegant *and* eloquent. Partial translation (Thanks to Milou for the clarification on some wording):

“For me, equality is not about everyone being alike (or the same), but – as I said to Josephine – about gender not having a role to play when opportunities present themselves and decisions are made… or when following one’s dreams.⁣”

Crown Princess Mary

Have you heard the amazing story of Jasmine Harrison? The youngest woman to solo row the Atlantic? The Duchess of Cambridge chatted with her (nice pink blouse by Boden, too.)

Max wore a Giambattista Valli dress to an online meeting on micro-finance, sponsored in part by Women’s World Banking.

Queen Rania attended a global forum to mark the day. She looks good in those saturated colors, doesn’t she?

And a deep curtsey to all our Classic Princesses, Queens-in-Training, Queens, Baguettes, and Honorary Hofdudes who support us! We are all here, working hard together to make the world go around minute by minute.