Random Royaling – Japanese New Year Celebrations

Thank you to our Baguette Avery – who posted some photos on Bits for those who missed them – and to Prisma on Twitter for bringing this event to our attention. It ties in beautifully with the post yesterday on the Imperial Palace by Marina J.

The Japanese Imperial Family attended the Ceremony of the Kousho Hajime, held at the Imperial Palace. The ceremony is known to us as the New Year’s Lectures. These lectures were postponed from January, and reduced in size, due to the pandemic restrictions. Although the family eschewed tiaras in deference to the “severe situation of many people”, it still was a lovely, soothing rainbow of pastels. On offer were a few interesting hats, and appearances from my old obsession, Princess Hisako, and my new obsession, Princess Tsuguko.

Do you find this as soothing as I do?