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Random Royaling – Junior Edition

Housekeeping – I think we’ll do Bits again tomorrow. So much is going on we want to give you space to talk about it over the weekend. Also, the hofdames are just inundating me with material. We’ll get back to tiaras on Monday.

There have been lots of appearances of royal kids lately. I broomed all the ones I found into this post so those who love such things can swoon and those who don’t – you know who you are ; ) – can read about Diana in her sophisticated years. Of course, you can also do both. There is something for everyone at the Bag!

I don’t think I have ever seen a happier trio than this trio. Bébé Deluxe is showing off his incredibly squishy face and his parents can’t stop beaming. Get very used to rose gardens my child, it is part of your heritage.

You can play spot the royals in the photos on the windowsill – hint, they are Dutch ; ). The magazine article is here.

Everyone who is interested in such things has seen this already, but it’s so good let’s share it again. The Cambridge kids pose questions to David Attenborough. It’s amazing, really.

Over in Sweden, Gabriel and Alexander are showing us what little boys grow into ; ).

Sometimes you just need a happy post, you know?