Random Royaling – Kate and Nature

She loves the outdoors, kids and gardens. It’s a trifecta for the Duchess.

The Duchess hosted a picnic for her patronages in the Back to Nature Garden, where the children from Hampton Hill Junior School joined her. The garden is now located at #RHSHampton, and some new elements, such as a wild flower garden, have been added. The garden is designed to attract insects and bees – both integral to a healthy earth. It is also designed to get families outdoors and playing together – integral to a healthy society.

Because she knows we love to discuss prints, she obliged by wearing her Sandro dress, and accessorized with Polly Petal earrings and Castaner wedges.

Embed from Getty Images

Take a few moments to tour with the Duchess. It’s relaxing and we can all use that.

Do you think her dress compliments the scene as well as I do?