Random Royaling – Kate, Cams, and Anne

The British ladies are making their presence known.


William and Kate held their first Day Away for 2020, in Bradford, one of the UK’s most diverse metropolitan areas. They visited City Hall and met with local businesses to discuss youth employment. The Duchess wore an Alexander McQueen coat and a printed Zara dress, complete with neck bow (I just can’t type pussy bow. In fact, remove the phrase from my mind and I would be much happier entirely). Hofdames are divided on the block heels – Suds loves them, and LuckeyGirl says nay.

For close-ups of the zingy Zeen ceramic drop earrings and the Aspinal handbag, head over to New My Royals.

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Taking their cue from the dynamic duo of Chuck and Cams, the Cambridges got into the drinks-for-royal-fun biz. Click through for a close-up of the – sigh – pussy bow.

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I know you guys like Kate and kids!

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Cams and Anne

This dual appearance was a rare treat for us. Cams (the Duchess of Rothesay in Scotland thankyouverymuch) presented her sister-in-law, Princess Anne, with an honorary degree to mark Anne’s significant contributions to public life. The women appeared together at the University of Aberdeen, in what looks like some fairly brisk weather.

Both ladies looked smart. I love Camilla’s contrasting collar and cuffs, and I *think* this is the first outing for this outfit. Correct me in the comments if I am wrong. We know Anne probably retrieved that coat from sector 4G of her closet, but it fits like a dream and works perfectly for the weather.

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