Random Royaling – Letizia at Pascua Militar

Pascua Militar (In English, MIlitary Easter or New Year’s Military Parade ) is a annual event held by Spanish Army, on Epiphany. The King reviews the troops as their commander, and the Queen accompanies him wearing a traditional long day dress.

Those who have been around awhile will remember the many discussions we have on the difficulty of getting this type of dress right in modern times. Letizia has the added challenge of dressing for an event that is held outdoors in January. As you can tell, the wind caressed her hair quite a bit this year ; ). Letizia tends to recycle gowns for this event, and also to cycle through the same gowns/skirts/dresses at the diplomatic corps reception later in the month.

As far as today’s events, Letizia wore a blue gown. We have had four years of long blue day dresses, and I am about ready to see her branch out, or branch back to one of her other colors. You tell us if the blue is working for you!


This royal blue dress is by an unidentified designer, although she typically defaults to Varela for this event. She is wearing the gorgeous diamond and sapphire earrings owned by King Felipe’s elegant grandmother, the Countess of Barcelona.

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The blue velvet gown is a repeat from 2012 and 2014, with the Emporio Armani metallic jacket added.

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This velvet gown with a Peter Pan collar is by Varela. It fastens with jeweled buttons, and is cinched at the waist with a matching belt.

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This gown has been described as teal green by Varela, but to me this is blue. It is a repeat from 2015.

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Be sure to check out the comments on the week’s Bits and Bobs for some background on Epiphany and and the Spanish royal family traditions of the day, courtesy of Iselen. As always, The Queen Letizia Style blog breaks down each of these ensembles. down to the accessory.

Which year did Letizia do blue the best?