Random Royaling – Letizia’s Latest

Thank Iselen for bringing these to our attention. For those of you who don’t circle back to Bits and Bobs, here is recent La Reina, from dressy to casual.

Letizia attended the ‘El Mundo’ newspaper 30th anniversary at the Palace Hotel, wearing a sleeveless midi by Roberto Torretta. It’s a re-wear, previously seen during the Argentina tour, but definitely so good it needs to be seen twice. At least.

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Letizia and Felipe attended the annual Board Meeting of the Cervantes Institute, and Letizia wore a mint green brocade inspired skirt, paired with a silk shirt and collar that echoed the fabric in the skirt. The skirt and collar were crafted from Manila shawl. The meeting was held at the Royal Palace of Aranjuez in Madrid. You can see how beautifully the skirt fabric compliments the tapestries and art in the room itself. Photo credit: Casa Real.

Letizia attended the opening of the XIV International Seminar on Language and Journalism in relatively casual mode. I stared at these flappies and knit shirt for quite some time, trying to determine if a mere mortal could pull them off. I decided that while they were ideal Leti wear, they should not be attempted by the likes of me. Something about this ensemble seems very different for her, and if you can put your finger on it let me know.

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More photos and information on both events at Regal Fille and UFOnomore.