Random Royaling – Mako, Kako and Hisako

Princesses Mako and Kako made dual appearance at the Shinhama Kamoba Imperial Wild Duck Preserve. There is an annual “duck netting” event held at the location, and many foreign delegates, including ambassadors, were in attendance. Duck netting is somewhat exclusive to Japan, and I profess not to understand it even after reading the Wiki entry. It seems that the ducks aren’t harmed, so we can all go on in relief and admire the ensembles of the Sparkle Sisters below.

Here is a video of the event, for those who want to parse out what it entails.

Finally, here is a bit more information on how the data that is captured is used for research.

Princess Hisako made one of her usual lively appearances at the Ikebana International Fair, to support victims of the recent rains in Japan. Love the kimono, of course, but I love her general cheeriness even more. Thanks to Prisma, on Twitter, for the updates on this event.

Work goes on in the Imperial Family, even after all the enthronement activities have faded. Let us know what you think of the events! I am fascinated by duck netting now, myself.