Random Royaling – Max and the Horizontal Line

Queen Maxima has worn a couple of outfits lately that make me think she just loves bodice details on the horizontal.

The two frayed edge horizontal bands on this repeat Claes Iversen have symmetry in their favor. I might have liked the ensemble but for the belt, which was just an element too much for me. Still, this remains a subdued outing for Max’s visit to a union anniversary.

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Accompanied by Wax and Oma, Max posed with the American conductor John Adams at the Erasmus Prize award ceremony in a more festive version of the same. Claes Iversen calls this their “Colorfull” dress, and, well, it is. Lots going on in the horizontal here – fringe, ribbons, and something I would call modified rick rack. She was on theme all week!

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I don’t know – am I wrong? Is this just enough horizontal decoration? Too much? You tell me.