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Random Royaling – Max, Kate and Cams

It’s almost autumn! Everyone is returning to work, or at at least to public appearances. They look refreshed and renewed and all patterned up (for the most part).

The Duchess of Cambridge took her two oldest off to school, and to my North America eyes this whole set up is quintessentially British. The uniforms! Kate in patterned Michael Kors, which I find fresh and flattering. OC is twitching a bit over the belt/shoe color collision, though.

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In the Netherlands Max marched off to in full Max gear and I love every bit of it. I should since it’s Carolina Herrera. Please Max wear more of this and Tory Burch! Hit up ModekoninginMaxima for more intel.

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Camilla! I didn’t know how much I missed you until you returned. She looks lovely in soft blue, although I yearn for a bit more structure here.

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However the dress was comfortable enough for some dancing, which the Duchess did.

What do you think of the return to work ensembles? Let us know below!