Random Royaling – New Portrait of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

A new portrait of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was unveiled today. Painted by British artist Jamie Coreth, the portrait celebrates the couple’s ties to Cambridgeshire. Kate apparently became familiar with the artist during her patronage of the National Portrait Gallery, and they commissioned the portrait at the time of their 10th wedding anniversary. 

The portrait was painted over several live sittings. The Duchess is wearing her green “The Vampire’s Wife” dress, and the Cambridge Pearl Pendant Brooch. I am not immediately sure which bracelet is on her wrist. It’s either the Diamond Quatrefoil or Queen Mary’s Diamond Bar Choker. Help me out, Baguettes. (H/T to Baguette Dalloway – it’s the three-strand pearl bracelet from Princess Diana’s collection, to go with the Collingwood earrings.)