Random Royaling – New Portraits in Sweden

The Swedes just seem to know when we need a tiara fix, don’t they?

The court updated the website with a whole new set of photos of the official working family. It’s a modern re-do and it’s a bonanza for us. We get tiaras, gowns, sashes, orders, and, for those of you who prefer a more businesslike approach, some straightforward daywear.

(All photographs from the Media Center at https://www.kungahuset.se/english/royal-house)

The King, the Crown Princess, and Princess Estelle are featured together, providing a visual of the direct line of succession. Victoria wore her H&M evening gown and the Cut Steel Tiara. I do believe I detect a bit of sparkle on Princess Estelle’s headband.

Here is the solo shot of the Crown Princess wearing the Cut Steel (and our Hofdame LiL is dancing in her living room about it), and a pair of pearl drop earrings. I thought that might be the floral pearl drop brooch anchoring her sash, but I’m not sure. If anyone has a firm identification, let us know!

The Queen chose the Cameo Tiara, and I couldn’t be more pleased. I know the Crown Princess had a star turn in this diadem for her wedding, but I will always find Silvia to be the master of this tiara. The Queen wore the matching necklace and brooch (featuring Napoleon Bonaparte!), and chose pearl drops rather than the earrings that are part of the parure.

She wore a repeated gown from Princess Madeleine’s wedding. At the time, the court described the gown as “a jade-colored dress with a train. The dress is silk organza with embroidered silk lace and Swarovski stones.” (H/T to our sharp-eyed Baguette Wendy for finding this!)

Princess Madeleine reached for her favorite, the Modern Fringe Tiara, and paired it with some very historic jewels in her ears – the rose-cut diamonds. She wore a repeated Ida Sjöstedt gown.

Princess Sofia wore her wedding tiara, the Palmette, in diamond mode. We are really going to have to start a spreadsheet of the outings and configurations of this tiara. She paired it with the amethyst earrings from the Napoleonic Amethyst Parure, which is set off nicely by her Alexis Jeslyn Embroidered Illusion Gown. (H/T to UfoNoMore for all the dress identifications!)

Princess Estelle jettisoned her sparkling headband for a bow and her beige dress for something in princess pink.

Let’s not forget the gents, although we are devoting less real estate to them since, well, no tiaras.

Of course, sometimes a tiara, gowns, or orders just won’t do (don’t ask me when, but I know it’s not always the done thing.) In that case, the business photos come to the rescue. The Crown Princess is wearing a dress from By Malina and Princess Sofia is wearing a new Arwen’s silk dress by Stenströms in blue.

The whole working family gathered together for one big final official moment. H/T to our Baguette Elizabeth Davies for identifying Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte, the dynastic founder, in the portrait behind them.

While we are here and talking about the Swedes, here is the Crown Princess making a series of visits in Norrtalje for the city’s 400th anniversary yesterday. Victoria wore her Toteme wrap coat and Baum und Pferdgarten boucle separates, which are both particularly flattering to her. It’s the Sania D’Mina Cher Boots that I really covet, though.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images