Random Royaling – New Year’s Reception in Luxembourg

The Luxembourg royals hosted a reception for the New Year last night. Many members of the ducal family were present, including Grand Duke Henri & Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, Guillaume and Stéphanie, Prince Félix, Prince Louis, Princess Alexandra, and Prince Sébastien.

Capes seem to be a thing this year for sure. I am entirely onboard with the Grand Duchess’ purple choice (great sash coordination, too).

This is a pretty gown for a pregnant royal, and the aquamarines are not a bad thing, either ; ).

This is the first time we have seen Princess Alexandra in the Chaumet Emerald tiara, which is a tough one to pull off in my opinion. Any tiara sighting is good, though! And it leaves open the possibility she’ll wear something entirely different for her upcoming wedding.

Let us know what you think!