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Random Royaling – Nice Nods

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel have just concluded a working visit to Denmark, where they spent some quality time with their old friends Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary. Since everything was so cozy and low-key, let’s leave off the titles and continue on calling them Vic and Dan and Fred and Maz. While we are at it, let’s also check out the diplomatic wardrobe wrangling.

It appears Mary altered the Ralph Lauren dress she wore to Vick and Dan’s pre-wedding party. She paired it with a white blazer, carried the same clutch and wore the same necklace as she did that night in 2010. Nuria Tiburcio spotted the alteration on Twitter.

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Vickan, diplomat that she is, wore her Georg Jensen Daisy brooch on the visit – and from a distance it looks much like the famous Danish family Daisy pin. Alas, it’s not a clone, but a nice nod to the Queen of the host country nevertheless.

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Coordinating on a level that only royals do, both women reached into the closet to find similar wrap coats to throw over their gold and white evening dresses. Vick wore a Marlene Birger dress and Andiata wool coat, Mary wore the aforementioned altered Ralph Lauren and a Joseph coat.

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