Random Royaling – Nikolaos and Tatiana

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Yes, Nikolaos and Tatiana *are* beautiful, but they are both also dedicated to bringing beauty into our lives in other ways. Nikolaos’ photographs were recently displayed at the “Aegean Desert” exhibition. I enjoy seeing both the photos and the bond between Nikolaos and his father here. There is obvious pride and love between the two. On the sartorial side, Tatiana’s royal lady pants are @goals for me.

Tatiana attended a fashion show that featured the designs of Mary Kantrantzou. It was held in Greece at the Temple of Poseidon, a beautiful space, and also benefited a children’s cancer charity. A triple win, there. I find myself wanting to see some of Kantrantzou’s designs here on Princess Mary, and I’d like to see the astronomy gown on the celestial carpet from the Netherlands, worn by anyone feeling adventurous.

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A quiet moment after the most breathtaking, moving show at The Temple of Poseidon last week in Athens. Calling it a fashion show doesn’t do it justice. It was unique- poignant, powerful & beautiful- highlighting not only the beauty of Greece and the talent of @marykatrantzou but the life-saving work of @elpida_association- celebrating 30 years of working with children with cancer. At the end of the show, the children, survivors of cancer, walked down the runway to a standing ovation. There wasn’t a dry eye in the audience… even writing this now, I am again moved to tears … thank you @marykatrantzou @elpida_association for putting together a show and a celebration of life- of the past, the present and hope for the future. I feel blessed to have witnessed this and grateful to be part of Elpida’s legacy with an amazing group of women @elpidayouth. #sounio #elpida #hope #grateful #blessed #beauty #speechless

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Photo courtesy of Greek Times
© Yannis Vlamos (Astronomy Gown)

More on the show from Vogue.

Hope these two inspired all of you toward a beautiful weekend! Let us know how you feel about the events below.