Random Royaling – Opening of Danish Parliament 2021

The Danes attended the opening of the Folketing, or Parliament, which according to the Constitution must take place on the first Tuesday in October.⁣ Queen Margrethe, Princess Benedikte, Crown Princess Mary, and Crown Prince Frederik were all present. Prince Joachim and Princess Marie are living in France and did not appear.

Mary wore the royal lady pantsuit, with a blazer by Scanlan Theodore (a probable repeat, it’s very versatile) and a hat by Jane Taylor. There was a Star brooch for Bene, what looks like an amethyst for Mary, and a hat WITH A BRIM for Queen Margrethe. The on-the-spot folks at UFONoMore have identified the hat as a Mathilde Forster BiColor Boater. This one’s a keeper, Daisy.

Unfortunately, Getty didn’t give us much in the way of photos to work with, but New My Royals can hook you up with a fix.