Random Royaling – Prince Edward at the National Youth Theatre

We do not cover the gents nearly enough around these parts. Let’s start to make that right.

Prince Edward appeared at the ‘Nostalgic Fantastic’ Fundraising Gala looking utterly splendiferous in a pair of trews and a velvet jacket. This is by no means the first time he has worn this type of trouser, but I think it’s the best. The jacket is done up in a deep deep wine color, and I hope you are all magnifying the photo to see the detail along the jacket closure and cuffs.

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Ed and Rege (for you Bridgerton fans!) Thanks for the heads up Martha!

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This led me down the garden path regarding the difference between a pair of tartan trousers and actual trews. The answer, according to this website, trews have a wider waistband and a fishtail back.

Lay your trews knowledge on us if you have it! If you just have opinions, bring them on!