Random Royaling – Prince Frederik at the Odense International Film Festival

OC sent an instant message of great importance to her fellow Handbaggers. Why aren’t we Random Royaling the men? Particularly when they look THIS GOOD?

Point taken, my fellow hofdame. Here we go: Prince Frederik (mostly Fred to you and Fredi to me) recently attended the Odense International Film Festival. I have no information on his suit, other than OC is a fan, and no information on his shoes, other than they are pretty snazzy. I am also somewhat distracted by the red carpet here. It looks like trade magazines lining the actual carpet, right?

I am less of a fan of the exposed lower portion of shirt Fred is sporting than OC, who likes her men modern and suits form fitting ; ). I’m more of a “Charles is my male sartorial idol” sort, but that just goes to show that there really is a royal out there for everyone.

Should the Men be Random Royaled Too?