Random Royaling – Princesa de Asturias Awards

The King, Queen, Princess of Asturias, and the Infanta have arrived in Oviedo for the Princess of Asturias Awards, which covers two days of activities. Iselen has posted several photos on the week’s Bits and Bobs, and we will chance putting one Getty Embed here in the hopes it will stay put for the day and tomorrow!

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Iselen has found a lovely video for us!

Day 2, day time. More family coordination on a master class level.

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Link to the full schedule for Thursday and Friday. The actual awards ceremony will take place Friday, at 6:30 PM local time, in Teatro Campoamor (Oviedo – Asturias). I am still seeking a link to the Princess’ speech, so stay tuned!

Princess of Asturias Speech

The family group enters the hall.

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Thank you, Iselen, for finding the link to the speech. Worth a listen. And if you’re like me, grab a hankie. The Princess did very, very well.