Random Royaling – Princess of Wales in Chanel

From perfect princessing to businesslike royaling, it’s a bit of a push pull day here at The Bag.

The Prince and Princess of Wales visited the Copper Box Arena to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Coach Core. It’s worth pulling it out of Bits because the Princess of Wales appears to be wearing vintage, and vintage Chanel (from 1995) at that. Those are two noteworthy changes for her! Although none of this has been confirmed, and we may find out that this is a contemporary copy of Chanel, I love the look. It fits perfectly and it’s all business for a business event. Our OC may have to avert her eyes from the color combination, but to me it works!

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Oh, yes, this fella came along ; ).

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There was lots of sporty activity on offer, just up the royal couple’s alley.

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Let us know your thoughts!