Random Royaling – Prinsjesdag 2020

Prinsjesdag: (Little Prince Day). The reigning Dutch monarch gives a speech to the Senate and House of Representatives, setting out policy and budget for the next year. It’s a constitutionally mandated, traditional event on the Dutch calendar.

The Dutch busted out and did Prinsjesdag just right in the middle of a pandemic. No carriage ride or balcony appearance, but they showed up, socially distanced and showed us their faces. Also, while adhering to the long dress and hat dress code, Max still brought a couple of surprises. Very Maxlike of her!

The King

As I say every time I see him, it’s good to be King, isn’t it? He wears the morning suit very, very well.

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The Queen

Maxima is eye-catching, as Max always is, but in such times a re-wear is appropriate. The Queen is wearing a Claes Iversen repeat, dyed in a darker shade on Her Majesty’s request. The first outing of this gown was during the official visit of the Jordanian King in 2018. If you need a refresher on the devant de corsage, you are in luck! Triple A wrote a post for us back in March 2019.

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The original dress color is shown below.

Which color works better?

I am *really* interested in your thoughts on her headpiece. It’s not broad brimmed and shady, as we are used to from her, but it has a lovely delicate feel of its own. It’s a Fabienne Delvigne creation. Royal Hats has a handy retrospective of all Max’s hats if you would like to compare!

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Always Better Together

What a team. I did, for a minute, think there was a Christmas tree next to them, though.

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The Prince and Princess

Who loves a good Missoni? We know our OC does, but you fringe haters might have to avert your eyes. Me? I love this. It’s total Laurentien and her good looking boyfriend doesn’t look bad himself.

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It’s good to see an actual, real royal event in public isn’t it? Give us your thoughts!