Random Royaling – Queen Letizia in December

Hofdame Note: The Christmas greetings post is updated with Jordan and Romania’s entries.

As a companion piece to today’s Pocket Profile, let’s check in on what the current Queen of Spain is doing.

The Queen, who is the honorary President of the UNICEF Spanish Committee, celebrated the 75th anniversary of UNICEF wearing her red Magrit Francesca boots, Hugo Boss sweater, and Carolina Herrera skirt.

The Queen and King attended the 70th anniversary of ASALE at the Royal Spanish Academy in Madrid The Queen wore her Maksu Fontana Blouse, which is always an attention-getting piece, and threw her Carolina Herrera coat over her shoulders.

Embed from Getty Images

The Queen popped over to Senegal to open the new headquarters of the Cervantes Institute in Dakar. She repeated her Adolfo Dominguez print dress, which is entirely notable because it’s just so darn pretty. Excellent royal lady ponytail.

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