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Random Royaling – Royals in the Wild

It’s a royal lady pantsuit sighting, along with a demonstration of excellent social distancing techniques. I might well be overexcited because we get so few random royals these days, but I think she looks terrific. The Queen dropped in on the Mestagh Group Carrefour Market and discussed the importance of social distancing and safe shopping. I’m not sure how I would react if I saw a Queen in my local Kroger, but the locals seems to take it all in stride.

It’s a repeat Natan (Modekoningin Mathilde has the details on all previous wearings) but as I said, I am bit too excited to see a royal actually out in the wild, so I had to feature it.

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The Duchess of Cambridge was interviewed by ITV, and how I wish we could see more of this dress. It looks promising.

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The UFOnomore team has identified it as a Raey, and I hope to see it again someday. I like the Duchess in yellow and we could all use some sunshine these days.

Who’s Zooming Who? The Swedens and the Norways got on a chat and the ladies did a print-off. I am leaning toward Mette-Marit’s number, but I like white on black. Also, the lack of pussy bow tips it to the win side. As a bonus we get more Scandinavian interiors – including topiaries and a lovely blue on white print – which might be my favorite print in the photos.

Not a lot going on sartorially here (unless you count onsies) but a cute baby and a good cause are hard to beat. Happy birthday, young sir!