Random Royaling – Queen Maxima at Netherlands Dans Theater

Well, I was surprised to read that this is not leather, but a waxed linen skirt. The ensemble is by Natan, and is touted as a sustainable alternative. I like the overall monochrome look, and she definitely went all in on representative shades of berry. Coat, blouse, skirt, accessories, check, check, check, and check.

I find it a strong look for her, and one I would probably prefer in person. I don’t know that photography does the skirt justice since it tends to reflect strongly. Lots of photos at New My Royals and Modekoning in Maxima.

Embed from Getty Images

The Queen dropped in to discuss the effects of the Covid restrictions on the company, and as always seemed to thoroughly enjoy her visit. I hope it was energizing for the performers as well. Hang in there, folks! We’re slowly creeping out of the abyss!