Random Royaling – Queen Maxima at the Textile Museum

 There is a lot to look at in this post! Our embroidering Baguettes and Hofdudes will be very excited.

There’s some redecorating going on at Palace Huis Bosch. The Textile Lab in Tiblerg, at the Textile Museum, made some new curtains for the Chinese Room. Queen Maxima presented the new curtains during her visit, and also stopped by a special exhibition of royal embroidery, stories, and craftsmanship which includes some of the historic pieces which were the inspiration.

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The Queen re-wore her two-toned patterned Natan ensemble. This has seen several outings, both with and without turban. The Queen must have felt that this visit warranted the full effect, so the hat is on!

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Here are some close-ups of the new curtains, where you can see some of the workmanship. It appears these were partially hand embroidered by various artisans and partially manufactured by machine.

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The planning, not to mention the execution, of such a large scale endeavor is admirable. Let us know what you think in the comments.