Random Royaling – Queen Maxima at the Thuis Community Center

Who but our Queen Max would visit a community center to stir soup, while wearing a brooch the size of a dessert plate? Not that the participants in the event seemed to be taken aback at all. Indeed they look as they thoroughly enjoyed the effusive Queen’s visit.

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The King and Queen’s Foundation supports this initiative, and Max dropped in for a chat and a dive back into her working week. Her shirt is by Zara (the whole ensemble may be, according to Modekoningin Maxima). She has owned the brooch and earrings at least since 2004, although I can’t put my hands on a previous photo of the brooch. You can see the earrings up close over at Modekoningin Maxima.

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If you read our other post, you know we are off until Tuesday. For those of you in the northern hemisphere, enjoy one of your last bits of summer. We’ll see all of you, north, south, east and west, next week!