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Random Royaling – Random Jewel News

Our lives have been sadly devoid of sparkle for the last fourteen months, so let’s cast a wide net and see what we come up with. Actually, Tiara Mania and some of our Baguettes have done all the work.

Three tiaras for one wedding!

Our long time Baguette friend Susannah also gave us a heads up on the Imperial jewels up for auction at Christies. All sapphires and diamonds, once the jewels of Napoleon’s adoptive daughter Stephanie de Beauharnais.

Laila Nouhaila Bouchentouf, the niece of the King of Morocco, was recently married. Yes, there is a tiara on her head, but it’s the incredible caftan that really grabs my attention.

Enjoy these off-the-beaten path jewel sightings.