Random Royaling – Red-Clad Royals and Gorgeous Guests (Updated with Cape Action!)

The Polish President, Andrzej Duda, and his wife, Agata Kornhauser-Duda, made an official visit to the Netherlands and stopped by to see their old friends, the Queen and King. Max wore this red coat with the interesting neckline by Natan. Let’s hope the comfort and warmth levels were off the charts good, because the fabric bulk distribution on this number doesn’t photograph well. However, Agata? Excellent wrap coat. It helps to be tall and slim when sporting that style, but she does it well.

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Max must have some fondness for the coat, because she wore it indoors, as well. I do want to focus on Agata here, because that is how to do a classic suit. Somewhere Priness Benedikte is doing a golf clap, recognizing a fellow suit superstar.

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Max redeemed herself at the launch of “Nederlandse Schuldhulproute”, a public partnership between private corporations and the Dutch Banking Association. The organizations aims to prevent of problematic debt accumulation. Max owns this Natan ensemble in three colors, and it seems to have been determined that this one is navy. A great working ensemble.

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Maxima sashayed into the Prix de Rome Visual Art Ceremonies wearing Claes Iverson lace and a cape that has our OC swooning – click through the Instagram post for the cape. Cape and a slice hat – vintage Max.

I know you guys like, or at least tolerate, the Doodles around here. If you’re on Twitter, check out Linda Zoon and some of her illustrations of Max’s ensembles. She’s my new obsession!

I think Financial Max beat Queen Max this time around, right? Agata can’t be beat at all.