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Random Royaling – Repeats at Receptions and Audiences

Lots of Queen action last week, and although every Queen is mindfully recycling here, it’s worth a peek. Let’s get to it. It’s not polite to keep Queens waiting.


Philippe and Mathilde held a New Year’s reception for members of the diplomatic corps, including ambassadors and consuls, assigned to Belgium. It’s a new year, but it’s the same old Natan. Remember the designer was responsible for 72% of her public wardrobe in 2019, and she’s starting 2020 in the same vein. Per Modekoningin Mathilde, it’s a repeat from 2018. Do love her hair here.

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More repeated Natan florals! This time on Maxima, on her way in to the first reception of the 2020 year. Per Modekoning in Maxima this is a repeat from 2017, and I have to admit I liked it the first time around better. Something about the hair up made it work – but it seems warm for a windy day, right?

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Queen Letizia met with representatives from FEDICINE (The Federation of Cinema Film Distributors) at Zarzuela Palace, and looked appropriately wintery in her repeated Hugo Boss blouse and Herrera skirt. Regal Fille has extensive photos and the lowdown on the accessorizing.

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