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Random Royaling – Rocking the Repeats

Ok, I really reached for that cheesy alliteration. It’s all for those of you who don’t make it back to Bits during the week, because we have been discussing some fabulous re-wearings. I mean, really good.


The Natan dress is, I believe, new, but the slice hat is a many, many times repeat. I was impressed when she hopped on a bike in full Max gear and just…..took off.

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Now, the opposite. New hat, fabulous and I do mean Fab. U. Lous. suit. Remember it from the Enthronement?

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Mary, our Poppins Princess

This reworking is so so good it almost makes me cry. Trust Mary to make something so old look so new again. It’s the soigne Ralph Lauren dress with a Max Mara blazer.

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She’s worn the dress a couple of times. Here she is in Canberra.

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Letizia Chic

The Queen has been everywhere. She has been working non-stop for the past couple of weeks. My heart lept to see this Michael Kors again. We get it at least once a year. The 2018 and 2019 appearances can be seen at the Queen Letizia Style blog.

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I am going to stop here so I have some gas left in the tank for Bits next week. All you lovely folks, feel free to discuss whatever repeats you want in the comments! I’ll just follow along.