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Random Royaling – Royal Lady Pants

I promised a pants post and by heavens, here it is – a long, long read for sure. You can’t say I don’t give and give and give ; ).

Sofia stepped out to performance of a play about the online life of young people, loosely translated as “If I say something it will only get worse”. She wore an ensemble from 2ndday, the Glen Check shirt and what is referred to as their “wide trousers”. Perhaps a bit wide, but as you scroll down you’ll see that they are not even in contention as the widest worn by a royal lately. I do like this color on her, and I suppose at some point the high waist will endear itself to me.

Mathilde has been wearing the royal lady pants like crazy lately. We’ll go from party to business, if it’s ok with you.

First up these sparkling trousers from Natan. I am just leaving them here for you all because I am not sure my descriptive abilities are up for this. Tils and Phil were attending a concert “Fur Jan van Eyck” at the Cathedral Saint-Bevon.

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I wouldn’t lie to you, not ever. I had wallpaper in my bedroom as a teenager that looked exactly like this shirt by Natan, and for that reason alone I have some fondness for all of this. You have to scroll through to see the matching pants.

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I don’t know who the designer is, but I am digging this red on her, top to bottom. I do like Tils in a good suit. As always, Modekoningin Mathilde has all the details on all the ensembles.

Letizia brought in the new school year by visiting a couple of districts while wearing her Zara top – which is great – paired with some designer-unidentified crop wide leg pants. She pulls it off but I don’t know that I want to see it on a wide scale. Great ponytail. Check out the Queen Letizia Style blog for some excellent photos.

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Kate lent support to parents during lockdown during a visit to Battersea Park. She wore Marks & Spencer slim leg trousers, with some very park-appropriate Superga sneakers.

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Ah, it’s always good to see Mette-Marit, and she sure brought us some interesting ensembles to discuss. For a visit to Stavanger in Rogaland county, she stepped out in some flappies that out-flappied the best of them. Although I don’t have the designer for the pants, the blazer is by Altuzarra.

She turned the wide flappies in for a long coat (which I love) over some slim pants. the coat is by Giuliva Heritage, and she showed it off on a visit to Fløro.

Who would have thought that Princess Caroline in her Chanel-inspired jacket and slim dark trousers would come up with the timeless solution? Me, actually, because when Caro goes classic no one can beat her. Here she is at a nursing student graduation.

Since we don’t really compare women here, let’s weigh in on the general concept of the royal lady trouser pants.

Pick all that apply.