Random Royaling – Spain’s National Day

Like everything in this Covid era, Spain’s National Day was scaled back. There was no full military parade, and the traditional ceremony at the Palace was not held. We are lucky, though, because the event was not reduced to nothing. It was structured as a tribute of those fighting against Covid-19, which is certainly fitting.

Fashion-wise, there is a lot to catch our eye here. I’m quoting Iselen from the comments on Bits verbatim here:

Sofia wears a Zara blouse and Stradivarius trousers with Pretty Ballerinas. Leonor wears & Other Stories sweater and ballerinas by Mascaro. Letizia wears a Varela dress and coat with Lodi shoes, Magrit clutch and diamond and ruby earrings by Aldao.

Starting with King Felipe, as is proper. One day we need to do a Designer Diary on him. Perfect fit on this suit, and even his mask looks pressed and fresh, as if he kept it in the vegetable crisper in between wearings ; ). Felipe is wearing the Captain General of the Air Force uniform. He rotates his uniform every year between Army, Navy and Air Force. (Thank you, Iselen!)

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The Queen is wearing a red Varela, her go-to designer, and if I were a better archivist I could probably tell you when she wore this previously. This is the first time Letizia repeated an outfit for this event, which is one of the most important every year.

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The princess and infanta are quite an interesting pair here. Their tastes are diverging quite a bit. I think this has probably been happening for a while and I have just been too blind to see it. Leonor is in a classic and relatively conventional skirt, and Sofia, well she busted out some styling capri pants and a bow tied shirt. I am fascinated by this. She has the height already for such innovative fashion and I look forward to the future.

Note that Leonor is wearing The Order of the Golden Fleece, the highest the King of Spain can bestow. As the heir, she’s placed to the right of the King. The order belonged to the Count of Barcelona, Juan Carlos’ father. They reuse orders because they’re made of noble materials: gold, enamel, and precious stones. The order is a lifetime privilege but, after the funeral, it must be returned. (Gracia, Iselen)

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The family group below shows that the Spains are, as always, a tight and well coordinated team.

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