Random Royaling – Spanish State Visit to Andorra

I’m dropping this in quickly because there is much to discuss!

The King and Queen of Spain are on an official state visit to Andorra, their first tour since the pandemic began. For the arrival, the Queen wore her Massimo Dutti burgundy dress, with the keyhole back. I am very fond of this dress and the length flatters the Queen.

Embed from Getty Images

For the official evening dinner, the Queen wore the (aptly named 2nd Skin Company) feather top and skinny pants. Move the feathers to a strapless gown and I’m all in.

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For today’s visit, the Queen wore a belted double breasted blazer and cropped black pants, with my favorite shoes, her Hugo Boss Bella Strap Ballet Flats.

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So! Let’s talk. I’m trying to guess which ensemble will generate the most discussion……hmmmmm…..