Random Royaling – Staatsfeiertag

We don’t talk about Liechtenstein very often, but there is one holiday a year where the royal family is out in full force. That is Staatsfeiertag, or National Day. National Day is celebrated on August 15. It was established by law in 1990, to take advantage of a current bank holiday, the Feast of the Assumption, and to honor the birthday of Prince Franz Josef, who had died in 1989.

There are various celebrations, but the royals appear on the lawn in front of Vaduz Castle. This year was of particular note, as the celebrations mark the 300th anniversary of the country. So let’s take a peek at who was there this year.

The current monarch, Prince Hans-Adam, and his consort, Princess Marie, in blue, lead the way. Alois, Hereditary Prince of Liechtenstein, and his wife, Princess Sophie, are in the background with their children.

Three of the grandchildren of the monarch are below. It’s also nice to get a peek of Hans-Adam’s second son, Prince Maximilian, and his American born wife, Princess Angela. Their very handsome son, Prince Alfons, is with them. They live primarily private lives and it’s rare to see much of them.

Here is a view of most of the family, with a good look at the lovely dresses of Princess Sophie, Princess Marie and Princess Marie-Caroline. Also, a glimpse of some of the official speechifying. Just your typical family outing, right?

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