Random Royaling – Stortingsmiddagen

Last night King Harald and Queen Sonja held the Stortingsmiddagen, or Storting Dinner, at the Royal Palace. The Storting is the Supreme Legislature of Norway. The Storting dinner was introduced as a tradition by King Haakon in 1906, and last night was the 104th occasion of the event.

The speeches given by the King and the President of the Storting are highly anticipated. According to our Norwegian speakers, the King’s speech was very funny this year, and included an anecdote about Queen Elizabeth, his distant cousin. (H/T to our Baguette Sars for the following translation):

Before a private dinner to which both the Queen and I had been invited, we were to go to the table, and it was time to get up. I have some problems getting up from low chairs and sofas, and of course the Queen saw that. And although my dear crutches were ready, I could not get up. Then the small petite lady came over, held out her hand and said “Shall I help you up, Harald?”

She found that uncontrollably funny. And I thought it was a bit embarrassing!

The Queen and Crown Princess went for bold colors: Sonja in her ballgown with the lace bodice and Mette-Marit in a red number which may be a bespoke version of this Valentino. (H/T to UFONoMore). Princess Astrid was there, with some festive gold shoes and trim on her dress.

On the tiara side of things, Queen Sonja is in the full setting of Maud’s Pearl and Diamond tiara, Crown Princess Mette Marit is wearing her Diamond Daisy tiara, and Auntie Astrid is wearing the “antenna setting” of her small tiara.

As a lovely surprise, Mette-Marit debuted Crown Princess Märtha’s Pearl Earrings.